Make peaceful moments in your ‘ordinary’ day.

Everyone is busy let’s face it; the world is fast, life is fast, stress is fast, thoughts are fast. And when life isn’t fast we all seem to be getting sucked into and distracted by social media. Where is the mind and soul down-time?

This is not good for us; it is not good for our mental health, our energy, our sanity or our happiness.

There is a very simple solution and that is to start developing the discipline to limit the distractions and to make time to jump on the opportunities for a peaceful space.

signpost of the day!

Impossible I hear you mutter, I don’t have time to hide myself under the stairs. Perhaps not, but I am betting that somewhere in your day you can find, perhaps more than once, the moment where you can sink into and create some peace in the storm. I dare you to prove yourself wrong and me right; it’s in your interest!

So the next step is to create the space or place for peaceful moments.

Most often the healing is right there on your doorstep, to be found in the ordinary. If you take awareness to your day a moment’s peace can be almost always carved out. I see people spend insane amounts of money on spiritual quests to foreign shores, taking them away from the lands that speak under their feet – their home turf. Not only this, the time away is very often spent listening to the guidance of another, when it is the wisdom within, and the messages of your heart, that knows you more truthfully than any other. (Hmmm I am guilty of this also, hence the lesson was learnt!).

So, where can you go to find a piece of yourself?

How can you carve out some silence in the daily tasks?

Take a moment to consider this?

For example me? I take a moment’s silence in my car journey to work, I purposefully choose specific training locations that calm me even if the session is all brain, and I set intentions to find the quiet space in the frenzy. It is what keeps me strong and is in fact crucial to my health, well-being, and my work.

In the past week, I have had several opportunities that I grabbed with an open heart to sink back into the solitude of life, the calm embrace of mother nature, and the wisdom in the space created.

PS sometimes, that wisdom, is a quiet empty mind; no thoughts!

Over to you; here are some videos and shots to give you inspiration and show case my local stomping grounds here in Ireland. I love my country so much it hurts; and  although for many months we may lack light and sunshine; when the sun does come out she lifts every one of us. It feels like seeing the beauty of our country for the first time every day the sun appears.

Today’s bike ride which I used to visit the Megalithic stone tomb/ cairn at Shanballyedmond, Tipperary:



The local town and roads

Last weeks moment after an open water swim:

A quiet walk where I occasionally run hills:


PS some old footage from 2016


and a poem I wrote inspired by the visits back in 2014:

A Healing Prayer for Ireland


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