Wise Words….

Wise wise words gifted to me yesterday from the sacred light space….I have amended them slightly for ease of reading.


Stop being in such a rush; you are missing it; all of it: the birds, the smell of the flowers, the trees. One day you wont be able to touch them anymore.

Be wary of being too busy.
A smile.
Hello how are you?
Stop in the street; what are you rushing for?

There is a few people that will stop and give you time, and we don’t even see the ones that do. Don’t stop being the one that gives the time because there WILL be one person that notices and for them that will make all of the difference.


Don’t quit on what you believe in. It matters.  People will get it. Sometimes it’s a slow burner; Rome wasn’t built in a day. Not everyone can see you for what you can do for them; but that shouldn’t mean you quit on your dreams and calling.

Take responsibility for your pain and troubles; don’t leave it too late. Don’t run from being responsible for your worries.

People run all their lives; that’s often all we ever do: run.  Run away from, and run away into things that aren’t good for us.

There is only a few people in our life that really matters and yet we place all the importance on the ones that don’t actually matter; (that) don’t actually give a shit. Worry about the ones that do give a shit, worry about what they say.  Listen.  Pay attention. They have advice and they know you; the rest, they couldn’t give a f*** they’re just trying to make money,  bleed you dry.


It’s not easy to do that when people never seem to appreciate you, but for the one in 100? They do, and then one and a hundred grows to one in 99, to one in 98, and soon you reach 1 in 10 and people start to value you. But don’t let that get to your head, because people then start to put you in the “I give a shit what he thinks box” and then you can run away with yourself.

Don’t let your gift to help become the sword of ego

Stay true, stay true to your values, stay true to the person (that) you were before everything got big. That takes work.


We don’t see what we have, we want what the neighbour has, we don’t stop and appreciate what is our side of the fence.

And all it takes is being aware, a simple change in mindset and you have abundance, you have wealth, you have love, you have everything that you could possibly dream of. And all we give a crap about is what another person has.


Don’t let it matter anymore. Take the weight off your shoulders, live, breathe, give, no expectations, nothing needed in return, it will come. We often don’t see how; but it’s there in the universal balance: something, someone, somehow, we will be taken care of.

Don’t sweat the small stuff, don’t get lost, don’t get distracted, keep your focus on what matters. You live in a world of absolute information overwhelm, and yet there is so very little that forms the basic truth of how it all works, and what really matters.


The miracles will take care of themselves. Just pay attention and listen and you will know what you need to be doing in the moment to make that difference, that nudge, that kick, that push, that pull, that pause; that is all it takes from you.

And so few can hear those words, because it seems too simple and yet simple is so bloody impossible for most. Keep being the nudge, keep being the push, keep being the pull, keep being the peace, keep being the pause. It will be noticed; eventually and it will make a difference.


Fill your heart with it while you can; it’s so precious. (I got utterly overwhelmed feeling these words. Like a sudden gush of insight into all that is so beautiful around me). Every moment, every bird, every flower, every tree and it’s gone in a flash. Breathe it in.

That’s life, that’s beauty, that’s miracles: how the Seasons return time and time again and we often don’t even notice. Be the one that notices the miracle of life, the cycle, the circle, the return.


Be the one who feels so fragile that it’s just there in front of you and can be taken in a moment; but that will make you live, that will make you breathe every breath like your last.

Say sorry, apologize, let go of needing to be right, it doesn’t really matter.
What’s right? What’s wrong? Who decided?
The truth is a feeling, honesty is a behavior; be true, be honest, be humble, and breathe every last breath, fight every last breath.

Tell everyone it is ok.



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