Summer in my Heart

by Andrea Cullen

18th June 2014

Summer in my heart

Do you ever sit still in the evening sun

Just to feel the warm breeze on your skin

Or to engulf yourself in evening jasmine or honeysuckle?

Do you ever silence your mind with distant mumbles of lawnmowers

or children’s final moments of joy filled play?

While the golden-red hues gather to welcome the moon.

red sunset

The gentle breeze connects you to me

She moves with quiet determination between continents.

She carries the resonance of beating hearts

And the silent words of daydreams.

The gentle breeze that carries the sun sets warmth

whispers untold “I love you’s”

and parents proud thoughts.


The birdsong of dusk gives thanks for the day

With a gentleness that differs to the dawn chorus.

It as though she knows our hearts need soothing.


In the silence the trees rustle;

They celebrate the joy of another day and whisper of tomorrow’s dreams.


Stop a while and listen

Feel every moment with your heart

This is love



Enjoy these wonderful captions of our beautiful country taken in the summer’s sun this June.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I love this little country of mine




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