Strength takes practice…..

To be and feel strong, what does this mean to you?

Survival through hard times?
The absence of fear, anxiety or feeling afraid?

Most of equate strength with the tough nuts and hard asses, those with a good game face and an ability to fearlessly tackle everything including the stuff that would break the best of us into a hard sweat.

But have you considered that strength has many forms? Sometimes it is being vulnerable, soft, kind, compassionate, empathic. Sometimes being strong is to feel fear or anxiety and show up anyhow, to be afraid and decide to try because something says you can do it.

I see strong people every day in my world, they have fears and anxieties and yet decide to shine their light and be seen regardless; they ‘do’ despite being afraid. They don’t feel strong and yet I see someone of amazing strength right there in front of me that inspires me to the centre of my being.

Often the weak and vulnerable person that you see in the mirror, is a pillar of strength and inspiration to those around you. Your perceptions of yourself can be so different to that of others….for a moment, can you see yourself through someone else’s eyes?

Life scares a lot of us; it is important to remember this. Its like this epic balance of being afraid,, controlling things and staying stuck and challenging yourself with new things, still being terrified but living life.

It takes strength to be true to yourself, which sometimes requires saying no. It takes strength to be a person of your word, it takes strength to make changes, it takes strength to buck the norm and live differently to what society dictates. It takes strength to be open and honest and ‘soft’. It takes strength to throw yourself in because it feels right.

Living free is kinda scary!

To me strength is the person that keeps forging forwards at their own pace into the things that ask us to be more, to grow more and that scare us a little. Every one of us has a different set point, but the fact that you keep showing up and striving to be more shows great courage and strength.



Truth be told, most of are far stronger than we realise; just in different ways. Don’t quit on pushing the barriers, don’t let fears paralyze you; most of our fears are just an illusion that is preventing us from living a fuller life. Illusions are there to be shattered.

We came here to live life, truly live and this means all experiences, all emotions, and many journeys of success, failure, joy and disappointment. It all moulds us.

Every success gives you the momentum and belief; every barrier shattered shows you that you are stronger than you ever dreamed possible (but secretly knew); and don’t forget that as you practice moving out of your comfort zone, little challenges and curve balls will always come along to rattle you. See them as a curious and comedic test; something to rise above; there is always a way, and if there is not a way, there can be a change in direction!

When you are strong it seems people and situations come out of the wood works to test this new-found strength and shake your very new roots to test them… maybe its ok to still be a little bendy! The strongest tree still moves with the wind.


Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.

Dale Carnegie -1888-1955, Author and Speaker


PS: Sea Pinks are an awesome flower remedy to assist resilience; if you would like to read more, click here

Oak is also a wonderful remedy for strength and deep wisdom; see here (full entry to be completed soon):



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