Why do you race to the end of your day?

roadside “weeds”

Why do you rush through your day?

What’s at the end? Did you miss the bits along the way?

Can you breathe in all the precious moments along the way?

This is my morning walk last week; I stopped to absorb the moment; can you?

Did you see the robin greeting you on your morning run?

Did you feel the gift of water as you shower to prepare for your day?

Did you experience the taste of breakfast and the first coffee of the day?

Did you see any of the beauty of the scenery on your drive to work?

Killaloe from Ballina early Summer morning

Did you observe the many smiles that you can catch in your day at work?

Are you open to helping, giving, and being fully present in your day at work or at home?

Can you slow down on the evening drive home to your family; can you take a moment to be grateful for the day instead of running from it?

Time is precious, it is now, not later,
it is here, not there.

Breathe it all in.




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