Your eyes are the windows

“Let your eyes be the window to your soul”.

This is something that we hear often, and we interpret it to mean that when people look deep into our eyes they see our soul. They see us; the something deeper behind the flesh. They catch a glimpse of our truth and the eternity of our being; they see us.

But what if it worked both ways? What if it meant that you are to let your eyes see from your soul?

We live life behind a lens these days; everywhere we go we want to capture life with a photograph, an Instagram, a video. We take photos when we walk, we interrupt personal interactions with photos and we watch a concert through a phone rather than hearing the music and feeling the beats through our bodies into our hearts.

Even me, I recorded this message as I was out walking on a beautiful cold sunny Autumn day in the hills. The autumn light was so stunning that as I walked along in my own little thoughts I would see the light catch the trees or the colour on the hills and stop to take photos.

Yet I never stopped for too long. I was out and walking and taking my time; yet I still felt a need to “press on”.

This is life these days. I passed by a gap in the trees streaming light onto a stone when these thoughts struck me. I asked myself am I truly seeing and sensing everything that is here for my soul to receive or am I merely looking and capturing it as a photo and a memory.

So, I stopped. I stopped and thought of how I wanted to ask myself and to ask you, “how often do we just stop and stand and let the beauty of what we see or wish to experience go right into us?”.

How often to we absorb life into our being with no filter?

Do we ever take the time to allow the moment see into our soul? Because when we receive into our soul we “see” far more; we are not only seeing we are also feeling, hearing, sensing and connecting. We are having the whole experience. We rarely stop to do this. We may be there, and we may capture it and hold on to it as a memory or share it, but what if you stopped and absorbed every part of it? For yourself?

I know we all wish to capture the moments of our lives but what if next time you stop and stay stopped! And then allow it all come to you in the entirety of the experience. I believe that then we are truly feeling the experience and this is far more profound.

Love you,


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