Have you stopped caring?

This post is a call out to people to start being more aware and to start caring about what is going on around them.

In this past week, I witnessed someone stealing someones bike in plain daylight while people were walking by, and a member of my family witnessed a woman being seriously abused in a shop car park in a so-called ‘good’ area of the suburbs. In both instances it took us to say something before people surrounding us even considered taking action. WHY? How far do things have to go before people take action?

what is wrong with people?

Have we all stopped caring? Are we all stuck in our heads and phones and worlds to stop making an effort to be there for others? People that we don’t know are not strangers; they are part of our community and matter.

Wake up and start giving a shit… imagine if the person being hurt was YOU or a LOVED ONE and people just walked by?

Think about this please….. and start to be more aware…I am not asking you to place yourself in danger; there is always something that can be done.



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