Our special Blaze

For those of you interested in following the story of Blaze our rescue beagle here she is.

She LOVES bird feeding time; this is about the happiest that you will ever see her.
I still cannot get close enough to put a lead on her without significant trauma to her (so she has only seen our home and garden for the past months) but we are working on her getting used to what my hand moving near her with a lead is like.

She will however take peanuts from my hand, and she follows me around like a body guard but will still jump a mile at a sudden movement, and has days when I cannot get this close or get her in to feed her.

Some days blaze is frightened of a shadow and others she surprises me like on Sunday when she sat 1 foot from my feet while i was meditating!

She is a precious dog and the Dogs Trust have taken a very active role in supporting us as well as interest in her progress. She was apparently their worst case from the lab; most other beagles integrated faster. Blaze must have seen things that impacted her more seriously in her 5 years there.

we are so happy she is with us now  I was sending this up to the dogs trust and thought that i would share.




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