Anger doesn’t belong in your body…

Anger, don’t chuck at it at others and don’t accept it from others; and if it hits you take a moment to regroup and refocus and let it all go. There is no need for an angry person to ruin your day.

And if you are the angry person 😛😈 don’t skip around it and avoid it… figure it out, process the emotions, allow the feels to express the story of what you are holding within, thrash it about to get to its roots, do something to feel better and move on. Don’t lash it out at those you love.

(or if you are the angry driver that drove after me for no reason whatsoever yesterday to yell profanities out the window at the roundabout… good for you… I was laughing at your insanity and desire to ruin my day. It’s ok, maybe you had a bad day; and I can be compassionate about this; but I will not allow you to transfer it to me).




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