Wounded Heart – support for women

New remedy up especially for women

Healing Flower & Tree Essences of Ireland


Wounded Heart, an essence for women

Wounded Heart is a tree and plant essence gifted to me by nature, to assist your journey into healing deep wounds, fears, and suppressed emotions; and to nurture and encourage you to shine confidently and create a life filled with love, compassion, purpose, and clarity.


Winter seeds and fresh shoots of the Linden tree (also known as Tilia / Lime tree), rose hips, and ivy leaf energised with local quartz stone, lapis lazuli, several rose quartz, throat chakra healing blue stones sodalite, celestite and two smaller lapis lazuli stones, and finally water purifying shungite from Russia.

When and where:

This remedy was made on the cusp of the Sagittarius new moon November 28th into 29th , 2016 . The plants for this remedy were taken from the area that surrounds the old church at Ballymackeogh, Newport, Co. Tipperary. This is a…

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