To Love Unconditionally…

To love unconditionally,
……………….is simply to love.

art by Emma Plunkett

art by Emma Plunkett

To feel loved unconditionally is to be loved:

when you are, or you aren’t,
Whether you do, or you don’t,
If you should, or you shouldn’t,
When you are right, and when you are wrong,
Whether you are here, or there,
And whether you stay; or go….

art by Emma Plunkett

art by Emma Plunkett

It is to be loved:

For your perfections and imperfections,
Your voice and your silence,
Your mistakes and your successes,
Your actions and your inactions,
Your choices and your decisions,
Your everything and your nothing
And in your doing and your not doing…


When I say “I love you”;

I love you

From near and far,
In milliseconds and decades.
When we speak and when we don’t.
Through tears and laughter,
Pain and gain…

When I say I love you my friend; it with a pure love that is timeless, endless, distance-less and bottomless.


I expect nothing from you, there are no conditions…..

Quite simply
I Love you.
For you.
And that will never change….



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