I see your light…..


When I first planned on writing this blog it was with the intent of writing anonymously. I was too afraid to reveal myself and open up about the healings and astonishing transformations that happen not only in my clinic but within my own life.

However, it seems that the more authentic I am to myself and show more of my true self in work, the more miracles I am seeing in my clinic with clients. My own personal story  and the path I have thread has given me an ability to resonate with the lives of others. And I feel ready to share.

I think this is because, when you follow your heart, speak your truth and no longer care what anyone else thinks, the magic starts to happen. Life makes sense and so people are drawn to you for guidance with making sense in their own lives. Things start to fall into place, and work and life feel filled with purpose, and for me an absolute passion and burning desire to help people.

As the quote from the Alchemist, one of my all time favourite books, says:


Once I ‘got over’ myself and stepped into the path of my purpose; the stronger I became and the greater my ability to be the change for others. Once I clearly saw that my intention is to help and heal, and the more I followed the flow of this and what feels right and what my heart tells me about how to heal each individual; the busier the clinic has become, the more people opened to really talk and share, and the faster their own healing happened as we got to the truth of the problem. Truly I am unable to describe what happens with words, only that it feels a little like magic for us both. I heal and grow as much as the person sharing the space with me. I feel so awed and humbled every day by the power of love, the energy that moves when this happens  and by the strength of the intent to heal, to truly heal.

But then again research is increasingly documenting that healing is led by the heart and mind, as much as illness is a manifestation from our thoughts and beliefs.

body energy field

The Body Energy Field

I realised in the past few years, as I became more comfortable within myself and clear on my beliefs and vision; that the passion that drives me in my work every day is to help people. To help them heal their health, to see them shed ‘pain’, to help them release their emotions, to find their place and purpose in life: to begin the journey with SELF….

When a client walks in through my door, I see THEM

When a client walks in my door, I see THEM, I see their LIGHT. In fact truth be told, I often know the light in my client before they even walk through my door. From the first point of contact or when I sit to read their consultation forms, or meditate on the health problem and person I am about to meet, they connect with me. It is not unusual for messages to be sent in dreams or for spirit to guide me with knowledge. I am blessed so often in that my clients soul reaches out to me before we meet.


I see the light in you, and it is beautiful

“I am often gifted with insights and intuitions about my client, before we meet or as we meet. I believe this is because on a soul level; my client knows that I will connect with this information and help them, to themselves connect with soul and spirit. When this first started happening me it freaked the daylights out of me. However when I embraced this and channelled the information as it was intended; it truly helped my ability to help others.  It is not me, but through me”

Each and every one of us has this ability to tune into the desires of our soul and to connect with that of others. It is not that I am special, I am merely tuning into what is right for you to help you heal yourself. You help me to heal you. And then as part of the process, like a light switching on, you step into yourself and help many others.

We all have a path and a purpose or calling; and until we find this we feel, well we feel a little lost. As my wonderful client said with such insight and clarity today, “I know that there is a part of me that can make such a difference. And I want to, life feels boring and meaningless. I know there is something more.” And there is.


We ignore the messages about what does and does not feel ‘right’. We get lost in doing what we are told, or what we believe is right, or we act out of fear over judgment or what  people will think and our thoughts are those conditioned from childhood (until we become aware and break the patterns). We continually take the wrong road at the cross roads and all we know is that something doesn’t feel right, our lives don’t feel purposeful; they are filled with activity and action and it all feels meaningless. We feel empty, we feel anxious or depressed, tired and lethargic, or angry and full of judgement, and we know deep down that there is a better answer yet we don’t know where to start.

So the longer we wade down the ‘conventional’ path; the more time we spend dissociating from ourselves and perhaps eating a poor diet and not honouring and respecting our bodies with balanced and fun training; the longer we endure a job that doesn’t fire us up; the more draining and negative people we subject ourselves to; or the more inauthentic and superficial we live; and most importantly the more focus and energy we give to past incidents and future worries; the more our bodies shout out at us.


So how might our bodies shout?

Well, you may get ill, for example with gastrointestinal (digestion) or thyroid problems, fatigue, or something chronic and debilitating. Or you suffer with emotional and mental health problems such as anxiety, insomnia, depression or anger. Or you may lose yourself in addictions such as shopping, gambling, over- or under-eating, drinking, recreational or more serious drugs. I also believe that it is possible for us to overly distract ourselves with over-exercise, chronic dieting and well, any or many ways of beating our bodies up and knocking the energy out of ourselves so we are numb to life.

None of the above feels good, and in the long-term, I believe that your soul or whatever you believe that part of you to be, shouts out even louder.

Then we listen; then the journey begins….

And if I am lucky enough to see you walk in my door, well I would like to just tell you; that I SEE you and all the light that is within, just waiting to break out.

And I will do whatever I can, for you to see this light too, and to support you along the way.


And just to really shake things up I am going to sign off with a piece of music that transports me to a place of fun and shaking it out… enjoy.


the fone who follows the crowd einstein

With love and light




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