Let the day guide you….

Happy Monday morning everyone.

Ok, so here is a challenge for all of you busy bees who like to take the day armed with a list of have to’s, should do’s, and must do’s from work chores to food and exercise, etc.

Can you let the day guide you?

Can you be open somewhat to letting your body and soul dictate (where possible) some of the things that you will do each day over the coming days? Can you let the universe whisper in you ear and guide you to the places and people who call?

This is easier said than done!

We all like to have a degree of control on the spaces between the ticking hours on a clock, not many of us are good to simply flow with the nudges of heart and soul and the compass guiding us from the deep wisdom calling us.

Many of us are actually scared of the quiet spaces and so fill them up, not only this we aren’t happy until we stuff them so full that we don’t even get a chance to listen to the whispers from within. Then when the soul starts to yell, we have no idea what this is; it feels like anxiety.

I am striving to create this silent listening space; I didn’t think I was bad at it before to be honest; but I see clearly how I do actually like to write lists and force the day rather than embracing each day with the sunrise.

The past year has been focused around structured training and race preparation. I wrote about this here. Things changed, and my focus currently is allowing the body to heal while I seek answers and solutions and letting the body “be” is actually harder than we all think. We like to plan, and to just listen and act from there isn’t actually that simple at all.

My friend Andree sent me this early on Saturday morning. She had stopped to take in the morning; a few silent moments to guide her day.

So I am asking you to test yourself a little; when the time is right, see can you be guided by the day. This challenge is aimed at those that like to have a plan, that control the day and the week and are always striving to fill the spaces with busyness. This task is not for those that are the other side of the spectrum (and aimlessly moving through the day – you folks need to jump in at the other side with challenging yourself to set more goals and try to plan time better!!).

So, have a think……you will know when the time and space is right to challenge yourself in a similar way. Life flows in chapters; some chapters are busy and require dedicated planning and commitment, then there are weeks when you must slow down and take stock. Let the day guide you, let the wisdom in. These are the weeks that allow you to grow from the previous weeks and set up future productive weeks.

Can you see the silver lining in the clouds? Sent to me by Jenny – my soon to be mother in law. Excited!!

Me? My intention over the coming two weeks as I allow myself time and space that I have not given myself in the four years since I started structured training for triathlon races is (OK, can you see how I am already trying to control this with a 2-week deadline. You see what I mean? It is human nature to strive to control things. This is another level that I will delve into now that I have awareness. We like certainty; that’s ok. Keep peeling the onion!!):

  • let the body decide what training (movement and play) she wishes to do, if any, each morning. To not plan my week ahead and then follow the plan without letting the body have her say. I am listening – I trust my body to guide me.
  • To invite in more from the universe to guide me in my creativity: writing, making, being, doing….
  • To listen to where I am supposed to be in relation to my work with the land and rivers and streams.
  • To honour where I am called in relation to people; family, clients and loved ones.
  • Eat even more intuitively; no planning (again this is counter to what I recommend for most that need MORE planning. Some of us however that like to keep control on things when training and busy can benefit from going with the flow and being more body and appetite aware.)
  • I believe that practicing the above will only add to my skill set for life, work and training – sometimes it is good to LET GO… as much as it is to become the queen of planning and structure.

Simple? Let’s see but this space I believe is where my mind and body will find the answers to guide the next steps… in health, in purpose, and in passion.


This is where I was called on Saturday; to the river Shannon at Castleconnell to spend some time listening and sending healing and gratitude into our water.




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