Show up being you….

Being a spiritual or as I’d rather say kind, good, and aware person is not about how well you yoga pose or detox or the island retreat week; it’s about how we turn up in every single minute of the day.

It’s about who we are at work, in sport, in the community, in our travels, at home and in our inner moments of thought.

It’s not easy, there is no getting it perfect, we all mess up, but the intention to be kind, good and awake to our surrounding worlds makes us more compassionate people, prepared to go out and give life a shot and lead by example.

Focus, intention and the ability to detach from the nonsense around us while being aware and able to see past dramas are crucial skills that we can hone in many ways from our sports to.our personal and professional lives.

Show up being you…that’s a good start.

My dogs, they teach me a lot about patience!



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