Celebrate the relationships that truly count

People often least appreciate those that teach them the most in life – family. Too often we put the wrong people on pedestals, the outsiders that really haven’t been there for us. We scramble to other people for healing when in truth the answers are always within, nudged to the fore by family and loved ones.

And when i say family count, I don’t mean for the family stuff, no I mean the deep spiritual lessons, the profound journey.

Be grateful for every single lesson because it defines you. Whether it’s struggles or triumphs our family forms us and if we do the inner work; grows us and expands us. These experiences softens our hearts to the human journey.

Value the time of your family and immediate circle.

And more then ever respect what they give in service. Honour this…be it in time returned, gifts repaid or in payment. It’s a circle of energy that deserves respect.



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